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Tesla CO2 Calculator

This calculator uses data retrieved from the US Energy Information Administration website to calculate how much CO2 you're adding to the atmosphere by driving. It assumes that all of your power comes from the electrical grid, rather than solar.

Distance Traveled (in miles):
Use your odometer reading, or miles of a planned trip.
Avg Wh/mile:
My Model X averages 350. Model S avgs 300, Model 3 avgs 250.
Compare to gas powered vehicle?
Charge State: The state you charge in.

The CO2 amount varies from state to state, as some states 
use more clean energy resources (Vermont) than others (Wyoming). 
Chart below shows lbs CO2 produced for every kWh generated.

WY 2.08lbs CO2	
KT 1.99lbs CO2
WV 1.98lbs CO2
IN 1.85lbs CO2
MO 1.76lbs CO2
ND 1.74lbs CO2
UT 1.63lbs CO2
HI 1.61lbs CO2
NM 1.55lbs CO2
OH 1.51lbs CO2
CO 1.46lbs CO2
NE 1.39lbs CO2
WI 1.39lbs CO2
DC 1.37lbs CO2
MT 1.30lbs CO2
IA 1.22lbs CO2
AK 1.20lbs CO2
KS 1.19lbs CO2
AR 1.16lbs CO2
MI 1.15lbs CO2
TX 1.15lbs CO2
TN 1.11lbs CO2
MD 1.10lbs CO2
DE 1.10lbs CO2
MN 1.10lbs CO2
LA 1.09lbs CO2
OK 1.04lbs CO2
FL 1.02lbs CO2
GA 0.99lbs CO2
MS 0.92lbs CO2
AZ 0.90lbs CO2
RI 0.90lbs CO2
AL 0.89lbs CO2
NC 0.88lbs CO2
MA 0.88lbs CO2
PA 0.87lbs CO2
VA 0.87lbs CO2
IL 0.85lbs CO2
NV 0.80lbs CO2
SC 0.64lbs CO2
NJ 0.60lbs CO2
CA 0.53lbs CO2
CT 0.52lbs CO2
NY 0.51lbs CO2
SD 0.51lbs CO2
ME 0.50lbs CO2
OR 0.30lbs CO2
NH 0.29lbs CO2
ID 0.26lbs CO2
WA 0.20lbs CO2
VT 0.01lbs CO2

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